12x12 is a project about people's confessions and secrets. In this project Yifat and Tamar went to the street and collected confessions by giving people a piece of paper to write on. When people finished writing their confession they placed them in a safe that Yifat and Tamar carried on their back.

After reading all the confessions anonymously they decided to create 12x12 magazinein whose production I took part. It was their final project and for me it was an opportunity to shine, because I was a 3rd-year designer. So we collaborated on all of the stages, including the madness at the end, before the presentation. I was responsible for the website, and they were responsible for the content, drawings, and animations. This project didn't really prepare me for my final project, but it was fun to be part of an outstanding production, and it did give me the leverage I hoped for.

Project finished on August, 2009

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Interaction
  • Expirementation
  • Code

Videos By Yifat Petraro

12x12 magazine 12x12 magazine