3S Project

In this project I choose to demonstrate how a combination of visual representations of sound can create a 3d object that contains the speaker’s identity. Just like finger print, lips print, and Iris, a voice can be used in order to identify a person. Instead of voice recognition and content recognition technologies that are in the mainstream nowadays, I choose to deal with an old observation / visualization on/of sound. The observation talks about creating a physical representation of sound. A magnification of the microscopic vinyl engraving in collaboration with Kindle’s / Google’s Speech capabilities. A dreamy and absurd idea, to create a jewel sound object that will allow the receiver a use of the giver’s voice.

The 3D object could possibly be scanned by a 3D scanner and produce the vocal coded in it. How was it created Each participate can choose his own sentence - which characterize him - just like an internet password or a tattoo. The sound was processed and analysed via sound software, and brought to a visualization process in a 3D program. Throughout the process, many different visualizations were created. Some of the tries were printed to give a feel of how the object feels in one’s hand.

Project finished on February, 2012

dor carmon illustration infographics
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Interaction
  • Expirementation
  • Code

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