51% The Installation

The 51% final project installation was a b-product of the interaction show. Its purpose was to distill the show and gather its parts including the album cover, in one room for the HIT final exhibition. I got my own room, and that was quite an accomplishment.

Concept – To give people an enjoyable and memorable experience by creating music and influencing the room's content and feel. The people who visit the room change its atmosphere by recording new tracks so that the experience, in terms of sound and content, is never the same.

Method - A person who enters the room can record himself on a 9-track video/audio installation that plays its recordings in loop. Each person who records decides which person he wants to delete by choosing a rectangle on the keyboard. Once he presses it, he can immediately record and the system will add him to the other videos after analysis. The new track enters the loop and sits on the beat. It all happens live.

Another projection from the other side of the room is influenced by the 9-track video system, and the position/number of people in the room. It can change its color, switch videos and create an atmosphere.

More –People in the room can see documentation of the interaction show. They also can look at the branding, marketing and planning via website, videos and the brand book.

Project finished on August, 2010

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Interaction
  • Expirementation
  • Code