Beatple is an installation commisioned by the Music Tech Fest, London 2012. The installation was sponsored by Stromatolite, MiRes European Union, and Cisco.

Beatlple challenges the VJ role as the ultimate authority of the visuals to create the atmosphere in a party. Encouraging participation the installation attracts party people from all across the dance floor. At the picture spot a camera above takes your picture, then users can look at the ceiling for their face among the complex grid of identities which loops. The projected imagery create a changing environment that is synced with the BPM of the show.

In the installation's proposal for the festival I suggested a variety of additional features; the installation can develop into a multiple input VJ device which can mix people from different places in the world, different parties, different backgrounds, and even multiple input type. The installation gathers sounds when recording the video loops so the DJ can also plug into the installation and play the sounds people create and record.

Big thank you to Inessa Demidova for letting me use her lovely photos

Project finished on May, 2012

dor carmon illustration infographics
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  • Interaction
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