"Jump-In" Campaign

"Jump in" is a campaign project for the design faculty at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT). For this campaign I was asked to create an attractive theme that would suit the 'open days' held by all the departments (industrial, interior, and graphic design). The campaign includes: invitations, posters, flyers, instructional maps and street signs.

In this campaign I've tried to create the impression that anyone can come in and be accepted; that's one of the reasons I have chosen non-facial people. Although covering the face can be thought of as a violent act, I have tried to give it happiness with the colors and act it as a fashion show portraits. The color pallet of this project was created especially for the fall in Israel, and all the production cloths and accessories were bought after its concept was completed. It actually counters the university's regular advertising pallet in order to differentiate between the technological and the design faculties.

Project finished on February, 2011

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