Designing logos is one of my favorite tasks because it requires extensive research. Clients can say a lot of things about themselves, or about their companies, but when it comes to thinking of an image that represents the company as a brand, they tend to get lost. My mission is to familiarize myself as thoroughly as possible with what the company does. I remember times I tried different foods, healing methods, and much more in order to gain first-hand experience with and be involved in the company's activities and philosophies. Again, research is the starting point; I need to know better than the company how to present them.

The second thing reason I like logos and brands is the ability to handle typography, one of my biggest "mechanical" passions. It's like sketching a building- it either stands or falls. I am able to make many fast attempts and then take my time with the one I select. Finally, determining colors is such an uplifting associating action that it's just pure fun.

identity infographics
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