MusicTechFest promo

This was a promo I created for the MusicTechFest May 2013 for Stromatolite ltd. The promo was inspired by classic album record covers. In it I remixed and recreated familiar covers from band that were pioneers in the field of music and technology. Bands like Kraftwerk, Petshop boys, Beach house and moreā€¦See if you can identify yourself.

MusicTechFest is an event that gathers programer, hackers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and businesses that are interested in music tech. I was a part of the first and the second MusicTechFest and had the opportunity to develop things with the group from scratch and see the amazing feedback and growth from the first to the second festival. In only a year we managed to double the amount of people and PR. The top aim of the festival was to connect people and host new project and indeed we managed to link many people and generate projects. Among the people that got involved we had: Sony Music, Shazam, Spotify, Soundcloud and many more.

Get involved and watch the wonderful documentation here

Project finished on May, 2013

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