Peep-Hole Project

Background - The peep-hole project is developed by me as a research project in the interaction lab. It is still during prototype stages, and being examined and experimented.

The peep-hole project allows a sneak peek into the interaction design laboratory activities through an experience that combine video and sound. Its purpose is to expose the viewers to the things that happen in the lab by looking through mesh door, watching videos and interacting with them.

Concept - To allow passer-by to peep into a place he doesn't know. By peeping in the viewer can experience some of the abilities and pros that the interaction lab has. The Peep-hole project is structured from 3 parts. Each of the parts is dedicated to one human sense.

Method - The peep-hole combines three human senses (touching, watching and hearing). In the visual part I tried to communicate with the interaction lab logo; so I developed the peep-hole in three holes. The first is the peeping-hole, the second is the speaker and the third is the knob. During this project I did lots of research, checking the height of the holes, the distance between them, the sound that helps the user to feel what he is doing, and the knob (materials, feel, and texture).

Throughout the project I created 6 main prototypes; some were already installed into doors I collected from the street. The final product will be installed in the interaction lab's door, and this is where another interesting part of the research begins. For more details please visit The Interaction Lab's website

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