Razili Design

Razili's website is not just a marketing platform but a mirror of the brand and what it stands for. On the website, we collected photos, videos, and clothing in a view that allows infinite browsing through the website. Razili's website was created in collaboration with Moo&Ar Studio. Moo&Ar studios hired my services and were in charge of the design, cataloging, working with the client, and I was in charge of all technical issues including: platform, interaction, SEO.

Concept – To show that Razili has a lot to offer and bring to life the Razili lifestyle through the presenter, model, and cloths.

The main page was designed to make it easy for the client to update and easy for users to navigate. We chose to exhibit all of the variety in Razili by putting all the important items in equal-hierarchy, pop-up rectangles. The news, blog, clothes, video, pictures, and collection organization depend on the screen's resolution, as this is a full-screen website.

Project finished on July, 2010

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Interaction
  • Expirementation
  • Code

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