Rinat Hitrik - Illustration and Grphic Design

Background - Rinat Hitrik is a talented illustrator with a unique style. Rinat graduated (with Honors) from Holon Institute of Technology in 2010. She is now working to brand herself as a lead designer and illustrator.

Process - In this project it was important for us to create a lively, busy variety of projects. The grid I worked with was a dynamic grid, called a "liquid grid", that changes according to the browser. It was also important to show that Rinat works in many mediums: video, print, 3d, and packages. The “liquid grid” supports the unique techniques that Rinat uses in most of her illustrations, a combination between hand-drawn and computer illustration.

Other – I have worked on some of Rinat's projects from another angle, namely, as a musician. Our collaboration is a good opportunity to see some great visuals combined and coordinated with original music.

Project finished on September, 2011

illustration infographics
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Interaction
  • Expirementation
  • Code

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