Synaesthesia app

Synaesthesia app was created by Stromatolite ltd. It was a really inspiring group project, we did concept, graphics, icons, flow of the app, and managing the project; communicating the programmers, sounds, and design. The app is in a beta stage and we are still thinking of new ways of development. Most of the visuals presented here are test screens, and ideas for further developmnets. You can get the Synaesthesia app for free on the Apple Store and on Google Play.

The Synaesthesia app turns the world of colours that surrounds us into a world of sounds. We chose a range of colours, identical to the Music Tech Fest's branding matched with sounds we associated with them. Visit the Music Tech Fest website for more information about Stromatolite and the future of music.

Beta vesrion finished on April, 2012

illustration infographics
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Interaction
  • Expirementation
  • Code