Taletns Design

Talents Design is a brand that collects designers, mostly industrial designers, and helps them develop their products for high-end consumers. My mission was to help the brand maximize profits and distribute the designers' work on the web.

Process - Working with designers is intriguing because although we speak the same technical language, we have so many creative ideas that at some point somebody has to get down to business and push the project from brain-storming stage to a real living website. We made many sketches and flow charts, trying to predict users' behavior, and in the end we reached a creative compromise.

Website - In this easy-to-navigate website, you can buy, collect, and explore the works of the many talented designers this agency has to offer. It was important to keep the site visually clean and spacious, like in an art gallery where every work has its place in a hall of white.

Products – I tried to give each product its own sketchy feeling, a type of visual that does not look rough but rather symbolizes a sketch and the thinking process behind a product.

Project finished on December, 2011

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Interaction
  • Expirementation
  • Code

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