The Interaction Lab

Under the auspices of HIT, I had to brand the Interaction Lab differently. The Interaction Lab is the only place in the institute that offers a multi-disciplinary course – Interaction Design Hands On (IDHO), from which I graduated. Every course in the lab has a graphic designer among other specialists, and everyone displays his or her own skills in the final exhibition's poster.

I got a bigger assignment, to design once and for all, the lab's brand, its website- just like MIT's media labs website (ok, maybe not exactly like that, but close to that). Working with the interaction master, Michal Rinott, we developed a concept that can present the lab as the top notch place it is (and a place we all love).

Among my responsibilities was to run into the amazing archive of projects and ideas and find a way to collect and present them all. This assignment also gave me a chance to speak to many of the people who did these projects and find out more about their fascinating ideas. Being in the lab also affords me the opportunity to meet some of the amazing guests who come from abroad to the lab to see and participate in the activities.

Project finished on February, 2011

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Interaction
  • Expirementation
  • Code