WStudio - Interior Design

WStudio is an interior design office that provides services to architects, and private costumers. The studio runs by Shimon Weitsman and Avi Siluk, both interior designers.

Logo - WStudio brand uses a clean language of typography, with a color scheme of gray, white and yellow. In the logo I had thought of an opportunity to enhance the initials of the owners' names. With a sub text that can help define what is it they do. It was also important to enhance the fact that it's a studio and not an office, which gives the impression that each costumer gets a VIP treatment. The logo came to life in a few formats: stickers, business cards, signs.

Website – in order to complete the brand and spread it through the internet we created a website. The main page is a collage that Shimon Weitsman did as inspiration from The main page gives a taste of the variety of styles that the studio is capable of, and intrigues the views eye. Then when you enter the site, you get a more quite, relaxed, and clear typographic navigation according to the studio's main orientations. One thing that was important to me was to create a navigation that can be modular, so it would be possible to place it into each project page on the website. This increases the flow of the user on the website.

Project finished on October, 2011

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